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Since 1991, HUIA has made a commitment to produce wonderful and provocative books and resources allowing an insight into the diversity of Māori and Pacific perspectives, young and old alike. We undertake the challenge of exploring the stories and aspirations of our people of Aotearoa; we aim to provide a mirror for Māori to reflect and interpret their experiences and to open a fascinating window for the rest of the world.

Under the leadership of Brian Morris and Eboni Waitere, HUIA strives to contribute to the awareness, education and understanding of Māori perspectives. These perspectives are an inspiration to Māori people and of significant value to New Zealand as a nation as it continues to define, create and express itself nationally and on the world stage.

HUIA was established by Robyn Rangihuia Bargh and Brian Bargh as an independent publishing company in 1991. Robyn had the compelling vision of a New Zealand that valued stories from the people, places and experiences she had grown up with: Māori and Pākehā, rich and poor, urban and rural, academics, artists and workers, and the many forms of whānau in our communities. More than twenty years later, this vision continues to be articulated by the team at HUIA.

Creating HUIA Publications

The extensive range of publications produced here at HUIA are brought to life by people who share this vision of Aotearoa New Zealand. The HUIA team is overflowing with a wealth of skill, expertise, innovation and passion for the work – and not only that, we also share an appreciation of the literary and oral traditions of our ancestors.

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HUIA Publishers

HUIA Publishers is a team of fervent readers with a love for the written word. Our goal is to provide a platform for Māori voices to be heard in the literary landscape of New Zealand and to deliver beautiful books for our readers’ pleasure.

With the ongoing help from our talented authors and illustrators, we are able to produce and distribute award-winning books nationally and internationally, in English and Māori languages, to provide a world of stories that portray diverse Māori experiences. From whimsical children’s books to intriguing novels and inspirational non-fiction, there is a HUIA book for every reader – take a look and see!

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HUIA Education

HUIA Education is a highly experienced and passionate team with a finger on the pulse of the education area. We work closely with teachers, subject specialists and language experts to develop valuable educational resources that delight and inspire users.

Core to HUIA Education's work is the commitment to the revitalisation of the Māori language, and with over 600 schools in Aotearoa teaching all or some of the curriculum in Māori language, it is essential that the quality of the language and the information in the resources meets the needs of teachers and students.

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New Releases

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