All great books begin life as a captivating manuscript with a story bursting to be told, and we welcome yours! We are always looking for manuscripts from writers in most genres that describe Māori and Pacific experiences, stories and aspirations in Aotearoa. To get an idea of the types of books we publish, and see if HUIA is right for you, take a look at our current books and read about us here.

Please note that we cannot accept individual short stories and poetry from unpublished authors. If you would like the opportunity to have your short story published, please submit it in the biennial Pikihuia Awards for Māori Writers. 


If you think that we are right for you and you’d like to submit a manuscript, please complete the HUIA Manuscript Submission Form below and upload your manuscript.

Manuscript Submission Form

Your manuscript should be in PDF or .docx format and double spaced with pages numbered and your name included. Please also include a brief synopsis about the manuscript. Remember to always keep the original copy in a safe place as we cannot be responsible for any loss of material. 

Once we have received your manuscript, we will email you an acknowledgement of receipt. This will also let you know that it can take up to three months for your manuscript to go through the assessment process.


If your manuscript is accepted, congratulations! We will be in touch and send you a draft contract. At this stage, we will also send you a document detailing our publishing process and how we will work with you.

If your manuscript is rejected, you will be informed by email. Unfortunately, we are unable to give critical commentary on every manuscript that we receive, so your email will not include detailed feedback. We do appreciate your understanding about this.

For all enquiries about manuscripts, please email the manuscripts team on